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11 Tips On How to Take Better Pictures of Your Children

I love taking pictures of my children. And so many of you do as well.

Are you also constantly spotting those little moments, picking up your phone and snapping away? But have you ever wondered how to take a better picture? Have a dreamy background? Get more light into your pictures?

Here are my 11 top tips you can easily implement.

  1. Get down onto the floor - if your children are playing on the floor. You want to be level with their eyes.

  2. Chose Portrait Mode on your phone if it is available - it will blur your background. Or if you are a bit braver, download the Photoshop App to your phone. It will guide you through some simple and effective editing.

  3. Be patient, wait a bit, observe the scene and then snap away.

  4. Take a few pictures of the same scene and the cull afterwards (cull regularly otherwise your phone will be bursting in no time).

  5. Try out new perspectives: Get a stool and shoot from above (don't drop your phone). These pictures are great if you want to capture your child drawing, writing or playing.

  6. Don't be scared to shoot with something close to the camera. It will blur beautifully when you camera focuses on your object further away. You can see it in my image with the computer when my son started his online learning journey (yikes).

  7. Experiment with a selfie stick and do a DIY family shoot. Kids will love it!

  8. I don't ever tell my children to say "cheese". In fact, I never force a smile if it is not naturally there. But if totally necessary- use "Thursday" or, even better, tell them a joke (anything disgusting will guarantee to do the trick).

  9. For my little clients, I have funny puppets that get up to no good behind the lens. It never fails to capture their attention.

  10. If you want to take some nice shots of your children and plan ahead, think outfits outfits outfits! It makes all the difference.

  11. Print YOUR PHOTOS. So important. I have just made two photobooks for my little ones, to look at what they got up to during lockdown. They absolutely love those books.

I cannot wait to open again in April. So if you have always wanted to capture your precious little ones beautifully and timelessly - contact me for a session.

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