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Are you the mum who does not want to be in the picture?

Sometimes when I want to take a quick picture of my children, my phone camera is pointing at me on selfie mode. ARGH! I almost always recoil at the unflattering angle, huge nose holes and unexpected close up of my face. I can't press the camera turn button quick enough. Sounds familiar?

How many pictures are there of YOU in the house or on your camera phone? You with the children, you on your own, family selfies? I bet not a lot. We have developed this fear of being in the picture, because we are not wearing make up or we are tired or we can see grey hair or we don't feel like we look like the reels on Instagram.

But let me tell you - it does not at all matter to your children. Not one bit.

In the last year of her life my mum created a photo album for me. She went through all her storage drawers and albums and created the most wonderful keepsake for me. She must have had similar thoughts of her not wanting to be in the album, but she put herself in. And this is my most treasured possession. I love having images of her holding me and looking after me. I marvel at her style and her hair and smiles. I do not see weight, or lack of make up, or grey hairs - it does not even cross my mind. And whilst she is not there to discuss my thousand questions about bringing up my own children with me, I have a beautiful visual record of her bringing me up. And it is absolutely priceless.

So please next time, you feel not up to being in that picture, think about it being for them. Their keepsake and their treasure. Maybe one day you will be creating a photo album for them. And they will love seeing you in there. To them you are perfect the way you are.

Love Antje

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