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How does a newborn photography session with me work?

I have had so many clients recently who have been completely taken by surprise as to how relaxed and stressless my newborn sessions are. This made me wonder what they had expected. So after chatting to quite a few of these lovely new parents, I decided I needed to write a blog to put new parents' minds at ease.

Below I have assembled the most frequently asked questions and worries I have come across.

1. What if my baby does not sleep and is fussy?

Do not worry one bit about baby's behaviour duing the session. I am completely baby led and will listen to baby's cues at all times. I do not expect you to bring me a settled baby and be in charge of keeping her asleep - that is what I am there for. I have handled so many different babies over the years, from fussy to overtired, from very sleepy to wide awake and alert. I have met babies with reflux, colic, tongue ties, breastfed babies, bottle fed babies, babies with dummies and without.

I will give you some tips and tricks before the session and if we can, we get baby to sleep or keep them asleep if they arrive sleeping. When baby needs feeding - we stop and have a break. If baby needs changing or cuddling - we stop and have a break.

It is a lovely opportunity for me to have a catch up chat with parents or make a fresh cup of tea!

2. How do we dress baby? Where do you find all the cute clothes and hats?

You don't dress baby - I do :-)

I have a gorgeous selection of handmade little outfits, bonnets, hairbands, hand felted teddies. I source all my materials from amazing vendors from all over the world. They are all colour matched and specially selected to compliment different colour schemes. You simply tell me which colours you like before the session - and I will tailor your newborn session to your taste. If you like a totally bespoke session (i.E. Winnieh Pooh theme, Harry Potter, Rainbow or anything else that is important to you), you can let me know when you book and I will make this happen for you.

3. How long does a session last and what is baby's ideal age to get all those cute poses?

This completely depends on baby, but I would say general allow between 1.5 hours and 3 hours. The ideal age for a newborn session is between 6 and 21 days. But I sometimes also shoot older newborns.

4. Will you think we are bad parents if our baby doesn't play part?

NOOOOOOO, never ever ever would I ever pass any judgement on any new parent. I was a new parent once - it can be so nerve wrecking. I will reassure you and might be able to share a few of my trusted tricks with you too. Your baby will let me know what we can do and therefore each session is different and will be completely unique to you!

5. What if baby has an accident?

I will take your baby's nappy off during your session. I don't like a nappy in the pictures and gladly take the risk. All my materials are washed and cleaned after each session. They are also replaced very regularly. I have a lot of funny poo stories to tell :-)

6. How long until I can see my pictures?

This depends on how many sessions I am currently shooting, but generally the turn around time is two weeks. I do offer an express service if required. You will be invited back to the studio (hopefully with baby - so I can have another cuddle) and will see a lovely video show with all your images. You can then pick your favourites and check out the amazing wall art I have in the studio too. I shoot with your interior in mind, because a baby in a big frame is an absolute showstopper for your home.

7. What if baby comes early or late?

I book all my sessions provisional and move them to when baby arrives. So book in while you are pregnant and we keep in touch. We will always find space to fit you in!

I hope this has put your mind a little at ease and you don't worry before your session. Prepare yourself to sit on a comfy sofa and watch your beautiful newborn, have a nice warm drink and a good chat. Or even have a little snooze :-)

And most importantly create the most beautiful art together to celebrate and capture your precious little baby.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon and starting your baby's photography journey together.

Love Antje xxx

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