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We root for small businesses!

During lockdown, many of us started using local businesses more and more. Cafes and restaurants started offering take away services, lots of us decided to rather queue up at a local store and order from local business when purchasing gifts. This is great and it made me reflect how we look at local businesses and how businesses present themselves.

I think what has happened is, that we, as a consumer and a community, are buying not only a product or a service, but are buying into a person. A story. We love to see the face behind a business, find out a bit about the owners of the cafe down the road or the hairdresser, not only colouring our hair, but also teaching us how to blow dry our hair on TikTok or Insta. We love to hear a story about how a business came into life, what made the owner start up on their own and what they have up their sleeves. It is exciting. We root for them.

Social media allows us to introduce ourselves to the community and a wider audience, without having to pay an expensive advertising fee, but rather relying on followers, shares, likes and recommendations. This is fabulous for our small businesses.

I recently did a few branding sessions for some fabulous people who wanted to maximise their visibility and look more current and editorial. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting these driven individuals and learnt so much from them: Zoe, for example, an award winning hair technician, who owns a busy salon and produces ZERO waste! She even recycles the hair. Who would have known? I loved getting to know her and her ethos and I loved to produce a gallery for her showcasing this.

Or Chris, the LTA development tennis coach of the year, who meticulously plans every single tennis session and is absolutely fabulous with the kids. I got to accompany him during his tennis lessons on a sunny (long time ago) afternoon. What fun. It made me want to play tennis when I edited his images for him.

If you own a small business, don't forget that your followers want to get to know you. They really like to see what goes on behind the scenes. They love to know who you are too. Don't be embarrassed to take all the selfies, record the stories and reels and share your journey. Kick the imposter syndrome and share share share.

And if you struggle, book me for a branding shoot ;-) here

Love Antje xx

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