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What is your most treasured possession?

I mean the physical kind possession not family, children, pets, etc. Is it your house, car, books, clothes? Mine, without a shadow of a doubt, is my pictures: The printed kind, that I can look through, collect, display and pass on.

A few years ago when I cleared out some of my late mother's possessions, I came across a box full of old photo slides. I took the box planning to digitalise them and share them with my siblings as soon as possible. I had no idea what was on them, other than the few I held against the light. They would be fabulous, I thought to myself. But then life happened and the old show box started to become part of the furniture - collecting dust. For years...

Fast forward to last week and I had the best surprise ever. Sitting on my computer, doing my late night photo editing, my husband popped up next to me with a memory card. "Have a look at these files."

I slotted the card into my computer and there they were.

All the pictures from my shoe box. BOOM! He had secretly bought a slide reader and scanned all my slides.

It was like being transported back to my childhood without warning:

My parents's first house, when they brought my oldest brother home, even their courting times. My dad in his early twenties, posing for the camera (who knew he hired a boat to impress my mum). My mum in the most beautiful 70's clothes and wearing a handbag that I have in my wardrobe upstairs! I had never seen these images before and I cannot explain that feeling. It was like being given the chance to have a quick walk through your childhood again. Our old house, the curtains, the canary bird in the background I loved when I was little, the cutlery, the decor (amazing Boho stuff I am now buying for my photo sessions), the birthday cake for my brother's 6th birthday, the old sandpit behind the house, our books. Who knew my oldest boy looks so much like my mother when she was a school girl?

I must have been up until well after midnight to study my precious discovery.

Our family what's app group was on fire, as my brothers had not ever seen the pictures before either. We lost both of our parents, so between us we retold the story with the help of the pictures. Every day details from decades ago, but to us, so so precious.

I am now making sure I capture this too for my boys: Their every day life. Their rooms, their pets, all the little details, they will be so fond of one day. Because they are their memories.

And I print! Because phones get lost, updated, wiped. I am so very grateful that my parents went through the trouble of having slides made. Love Antje xx

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