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Worried? New parents before their newborn session

I was quite shocked recently when my lovely clients let out a huge sigh of relief half way through the session and told me that they had been so scared about posing their baby THEMSELVES. In fact they had been fretting about how to keep baby asleep, get them dressed in little matching outfits and then pose them in all the props they had seen on Insta. This new mum confessed that she had a lot of anxiety about her session.

I told her, I needed to write a Blog immediately, to avoid anyone feeling this way.

This is what happens when you come to me with a new baby:

You hand me the car seat! That is it.

You then enjoy a wam or cold beverage on a comfy sofa whilst chatting to me or your partner or catching up with your phone or you just be! You will find it difficult not to fall asleep as the studio is warm, full of white noise, and quiet (unless baby is demanding milk, then you might have to help out temporarily).

I will undress and change baby, I will settle baby and I will pose baby (it has taken me years of training and practising to master some of the poses and set ups - so I would never expect my clients to have to do this). I will show you the set ups and might get you to chose some of the props you like. Meanwhile I love chatting to you, meeting your little family, hearing about or meeting siblings, talking about the pets, the name choices, birth stories, feeding stories, the good and the bad. I, too, have had two newborns, so I completely empathise with every new parent.

This might be the first time you and your partner get to sit together looking at your beautiful baby in a gorgeous setting, with two hands free to drink, eat or stretch! Absolutely enjoy it.

The feedback I get most is, how relaxing the experience is. An

anxious first outing has turned into a good memory, with the added bonus of beautiful captures.

So please do not fret and get your drinks order in ;-)

Love Antje

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